Better Breathers Restarts from 15th of June 2020


Do you have COPD ( Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), asthma or a breathing condition?

Come and try a Better Breathing Class

These exercise classes and social support groups provide an opportunity to meet other people with similar conditions.  It will help you learn management skills, and you can learn some very beneficial breathing exercises and relaxation skills.

The Nelson Asthma Society run classes all over the Nelson area contact us for more information or see our calendar for the next available class, or see our calendar for the next available class.

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What happens at the BBC class?

  • BBC is a 50 minute series of guided exercises specifically designed to help those with breathing difficulties.
  • A trained, experienced and friendly instructor leads a series of upper and lower body exercises designed to free up muscles and improve circulation.  A focus on ‘thoracic mobility’ which involves the muscles surrounding your lungs, abdomen, back shoulders and neck.
  • These exercises can be seated or standing using a chair for support or in a gentle circuit.
  • Balance exercises are included to help reduce your risk of falling.
  • Diaphragmatic breathing, also called Belly Breathing is taught to help learn the art of correct breathing.
  • Coughing is encouraged, so please don’t feel embarrassed.
  • Reducing tension or stress can help better breathing, so the relaxation component is aimed at gradually reduce stress and anxiety in all muscles of the body.

Why should I attend?

Keeping active can be daunting and even frightening for those with breathing challenges.  The BBC class helps your learn and practice beneficial exercises so you gradually become more active.  You will gain confidence to practice exercises at home, you get to talk with others with similar challenges, and you get information from trained professionals.

Here’s what previous and current participants say about the classes


“I feel looked after at the sessions and the exercises are a comfortable pace for me.”

“I feel better after doing the exercises and I’ve made new friends.”

“I feel more flexible and enjoy the stretching exercises.”

“I have learnt about getting healthy and staying as fit as I can.”

“I feel encouraged to practice regularly.”

We look forward to seeing you there!

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