What we offer

The Nelson Asthma Society is a registered charitable organisation offering free information and support to anyone with a respiratory condition.

Respiratory conditions are a serious health concern but with good management, you can feel in control and have a better quality of life.

Do you have Asthma?

Some symptoms of asthma are:

  • wheezing (noisy breathing)
  • breathlessness
  • a tight feeling in the chest
  • Coughing, particularly at night and after exercise

Do you have COPD ?

Unfortunately in the early stages of COPD, while the lungs are being damaged, there are often no obvious symptoms.  When you start to experience symptoms it means the damage has already occurred.  This damage can not be reversed.

Symptoms of COPD include:

  • shortness of breath
  • difficulty breathing, especially with exercise
  • a cough
  • presence of phlegm
  • winter bronchitis
  • wheezing

Tell your doctor or nurse if you have any of these symptoms.

Our support also includes:

  • Free Asthma/COPD information booklets
  • Free Spacers
  • Peak flow meters
  • Free Haleraid devices
  • Allergy dust mite bedding covers
  • “What is Asthma?’ presentations to community groups or organisations.

The Nelson Asthma Society provides weekly classes that offer support to those with breathing difficulties, please also view:

Better Breather Classes

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Pulmonary Rehabilitation Course

Please Contact us for more information.